Excess Liability Insurance

This coverage is one of the most important policies purchased by an insured. It provides the source of protection for catastrophic liability losses because of its high limits. 

Excess Liability policies are policies that provide excess layers of coverage over primary policies or other umbrella or excess policies. They represent the layers of coverage that attach over a stated limit of liability for Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, Professional Liability, or Employer’s Liability. 

Our Excess Liability contracts provide following-form coverage identical to the primary layer with specific terms and conditions. We write many different classes of business and are pleased to work with our designated brokers to tailor coverage to an insured’s specific insurance needs. 

Golden Bear is admitted in California, but writes on a non-admitted basis through qualified surplus lines brokers in states listed in the States of Operation tab below. 

Submit Applications for Excess Liability Insurance

Send submissions directly to the Excess Liability Underwriting Department via email or fax as listed below: 

Main Office
Email Submissions To: excess@goldenbear.com
Fax Submissions To: (209) 870-2977 

Chicago Office
Email Submissions To: chicago@goldenbear.com 
Fax Submissions To: (630) 381-6392

Excess Casualty Department Contacts

Please send an e-mail or phone one of the individuals found on this page for a prompt response to your excess liability insurance questions. 

Connie Vargas-George, Mgr.              Roland Lorenzo, VP, Mgr.

Stockton Office                               Chicago Office

connie@goldenbear.com                    relorenzo@goldenbear.com
(209) 948-8191 Ext. 286                    (630) 381-6391

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